Millingar - Smoke - 4 Pc. - Sofa 3 Pc Sectional, Rocker Recliner

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Comfort is inevitable with this set. Handsome profile is teeming with chenille softness. Smoky gray textured cushions meet black faux leather for a quality look. Throw pillows season this set with extra style flavor.

Millingar - Smoke - Sofa

Dimensions 92"W x 40"D x 38"H
Weight 154 lbs

Millingar - Smoke - Wedge

Dimensions 70"W x 42"D x 38"H
Weight 83 lbs

Millingar - Smoke - Loveseat

Dimensions 67"W x 40"D x 38"H
Weight 114 lbs

Millingar - Smoke - Rocker Recliner

Dimensions 39"W x 40"D x 40"H
Weight 102 lbs

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